Efficient Screening Process

The key element of our recruitment process consists of identifying and screening candidates, often in their home country; prior to recommending them to potential employers.

Specifically, our approach comprises two phases.

During Phase 1, we adapt job descriptions and remuneration packages to attract international candidates best suited to a specific job. We finalise selection criteria by

  • Working closely with candidates’ future managers
  • Analysing existing job descriptions and adapting formal requirements to target an international pool of candidates
  • Identifying appropriate assessment methods and tests
  • Developing attractive remuneration packages, including candidate support options

During Phase 2 we identify, interview and assess potential candidates, often in their home country, according to the criteria defined in Phase 1. By using our local university and business networks, we recommend the candidates best suited to clients’ needs.

Organising Assessment Centres and Local Events

Through additional services, we help enhance clients’ visibility in target countries and further improve the accuracy of the selection process. Our local services may include

  • Setting-up and conducting assessment centres
  • Organising participation in local job fairs
  • Promoting activities at selected universities
  • Organising interviews with candidates locally